Frequently asked questions:

How long does a mortgage loan take to close?

With most banks (Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, etc.) customers are stuck waiting months to close their mortgage loan. With Coast to Coast Mortgage Financial we are able to streamline the process and have it done in 3-4 weeks.

What does it cost to get a loan?

On most of our loans Coast to Coast Mortgage Financial makes sure our customer don't have to pay fees. However, it is our obligation to show our customers all the options which includes paying points to buy the rate down. In the end it is the customers decision.

I have a late on my mortgage can I still get a loan?

Even if you have a late on your mortgage 90% of the time we are still able to qualify you for a loan at the lowest rates available.

My home is upsidedown. Can I still get a loan?

Yes, you can. We have access to all the newest programs to help you if you are upsidedown on your mortgage.